Fucknite: the uncensored porn parody of the game Fortnite


You loved the Fortnite game released in 2017, but today, you feel like taking pleasure with a XXX game for adults? If so, you'll certainly want to check out the rather self-explanatory Fucknite porn game. And as you'll see, it too is a great success!

An adult porn version of the game Fortnite

fortnite porn

Like Fortnite, Fucknite is a multiplayer game. It's halfway between the shooting and survival gameplay of the original, but obviously with hardcore sex scenes, since it's a 3D porn game. So you'll get to see the characters perform fellatio, gang-bang and even have fun with sex toys, before reaching the ultimate goal: the porn battle royale! Because battles aren't fought with weapons, they're fought with sex. You can choose your partners, positions and sexual practices.

Forget about hiding, too, as is customary in Fortnite. To get to the final battle, you need to knock out as many players as possible and within a set time. So be visible and train for your chance to experience the orgasmic sensation of the game's final level!

Fortnite porn game gameplay

fucknite porn game

While the game is very easy to access, Fucknite's graphics are on a par with those of Fornite. In other words, you're treated to 3D images as realistic as the original game. That's why it's so popular with fans of sex simulation and porn games. Of course, we shouldn't forget its fun and exciting side.

You should also be aware that you can purchase skins (exchange currency on the site) and customization items. Even if nothing is compulsory, this will help you improve your character in the game. Don't forget that you're aiming for battle royale porn, by winning your victories.

Another important piece of information: as is the case with Fortnite, this is a multiplayer game. So you'll be pitted against other fans of the game. This makes the experience unique, and you'll want to go back for more.

Is Fucknite free to play?

fortnite sex

Like most sex games, Fucknite is available for free, but on a limited basis. For example, you can register for free to test the game for 2 days. But be careful, once the trial is over, the subscription starts automatically. This means you need to think about cancelling it before the end of the trial period if you don't want to pay!

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So why isn't this game totally free? Already, the game Fortnite isn't. So why should this parody porn game be? Secondly, if the game is free, you're bound to get ads in the middle of the game, because you need to be paid for the hours of creation and bug maintenance. And believe us, ads are far from pleasant if you're on a sex game for jerking off! So it's well worth paying a little, especially when the game is successful.

System requirements

The good news is that Fucknite can be played directly online from a browser. In short, you don't need to download it. It's an online game. More good news is that this parody porn game is compatible on PC, Mac and Linux. You can also run it on your smartphone, regardless of whether you have an Android or iPhone mobile.

Alternatives and other parody porn games

If you want to vary the pleasures, there are alternatives to Fucknite. We're going to give you 3 suggestions which, in our opinion, are well worth a look. Then it's up to you to decide whether you want to give them a try.

Grand Bang Auto

The first game we invite you to discover shouldn't be totally unfamiliar to you, since it's the porn parody of GTA. If you enjoyed playing it, then you'll appreciate Grand Bang Auto. But this time, it's not about stealing cars, as you play as a male character who starts the game with no clothes on. You guessed it, you've got to find them and escape the man who's after your life, not forgetting to get laid as much as possible, because you've got to enjoy the moment.

Cyberslut 2069

You can also indulge yourself with the porn game Cyberslut 2069, which is the porn parody of Cyberpunk 2077. You'll begin your adventure in the megalopolis Baiseville in the year 2069. Your character is none other than a young man in search of the one and only prototype implant, enabling you to achieve divine sexual power. To achieve this, you'll have to carry out a number of missions, all of which involve sex. Anal sex, deep throat... you name it! But beware: every decision you make will change the scenario.

West Sluts

We've come up with one last slightly different proposition, with West Sluts, the porn parody of Red Dead Redemption. Here, the game is set in the Wild West and you play a cowboy ready to do justice and get laid as much as he can. And that's just as well, because the girls are just waiting for it! Some of them need to be punished for doing the wrong thing. As for you, all you have to do is make your fantasies come true. But be warned, the Hard level is particularly hot...

Our Fucknite review

fortnite sex game

It's time for us to conclude on the game of interest to all battle royale porn fans, namely Fucknite. If you enjoyed Fortnite and are looking for a porn game to have a good time, we clearly recommend this porn parody. The gameplay and graphics really are on a par with the original, and so is the porn version of the scenario. Be careful, though, as the game is truly addictive! Excitement is guaranteed.