Sex Emulator: the sex simulator available on PC and cell phones

sex emulator

The Sex Emulator game is extremely popular in the USA and worldwide. It is one of the few English porn games offering a free demo. So it was only natural for us to test this game and give you our opinion. In this article, we take a look at Sex Emulator's gameplay and special features. We'll also show you how to play it for free and, of course, we'll conclude by giving you our opinion.

A sex emulator to give orders to a virtual 3D girl

virtual sex emulator

Sex Emulator is the perfect sex game for men who like to dominate and seek submission in a partner. In this sex simulator, you have the opportunity to give instructions to a virtual girl, which she will carry out immediately and above all without any objections. Having someone who responds to your every desire can be very exciting, as there are no longer any limits to be crossed regarding sexual practices.

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With Sex Emulator, you can live out your wildest fantasies. You can ask your sex doll to masturbate, undress, perform a striptease or even fellatio... You also have the option of penetrating your partner virtually with various objects, whatever your sexual preferences: anal or vaginal.

Thanks to the sex simulator's ultra-realistic graphics, you'll be totally immersed in the game and experience some very intense moments of pleasure. It's a interactive sex experience you're going to love.

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Sex Emulator gameplay

sex emulator gameplay

Sex Emulator's gameplay is the main asset of this sex game. To begin with, you must create the virtual girl who will have to fulfill all your desires, thanks to highly realistic 3D modeling. Start by giving the woman of your dreams a name, then choose her origin, which will be reflected in her skin color. Then shape your sexual handmaiden by defining her hair, then the size of her breasts. If you like Asian women with long hair and large breasts, you can create her. Take your time with this step to create the ideal woman you'd like to fuck and submit to your sexual urges.

Finish creating your partner by selecting his/her sexual skills on the talents tab. Here, for example, you'll define his or her love of fellatio, spanking, anal sex and fetish practices. This part must also be approached with great care to ensure that your gaming experience is exceptional. You'll have just 300 skill points to divide between your sex doll's 4 talents. At the end of this process, you can start playing with the virtual girl by clicking on the button provided.

create a virtual 3D girl to fuck in the Sex Emulator game

From the start of the game, you'll have access to just a handful of sexual practices to try out with your virtual partner. They mainly relate to breasts, anal sex, fellatio, spanking and feet. As you play with your submissive, her performance and sexual talents will evolve. This will enable her to unlock new sexual practices that you can enjoy as you watch your sub and get off differently. Some actions are only available with a paid subscription.

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How to play Sex Emulator?

Enjoying the gaming experience offered by Sex Emulator is very simple. Just go to, then start playing directly by clicking on the "Play Now" button. Then choose the difficulty mode that suits you, and the screen for creating your sex doll will appear.

Is Sex Emulator free?

Access to the game requires no registration and no e-mail address. You will only have access to a free demo of the game, however, with very limited functionality.

For example, you won't be able to change the camera angle, which makes for a different, more immersive experience. Nor will you be able to change the background of the scene, which could transport you to unusual places for your sexual games. These are spaces like school, the beach or even a bedroom. Likewise, a player in demo version won't be able to modify the intensity of the actions performed by the sex doll.

free sex emulator

What else does the paid version offer?

By paying the subscription fee, you'll have access to all the action, including games of tag, fist-pumping and dancing. You'll also have access to more characters and more customization.

To enjoy all these privileges, you need to create an account, then pay a subscription fee. This will enable the player to enjoy the game to the full, and discover all the surprises it has in store. You'll be able to see just how far your sex doll can go to satisfy you and her beloved master. For this, you'll need a valid bank card, which will be used to pay the subscription.

System requirements for Sex Emulator

Sex Emulator is a porn game you can play directly from a browser. This means you don't need to download this sex emulator to play it and get your kicks. Sex Emulator is then accessible on any device with a web browser and an internet connection. You can play it on a computer (Mac, Linux or Windows) as well as on an Android smartphone or iPhone.

Although this porn game is compatible with iOS and Android mobiles, you won't be able to download it from the Play Store or the Apple App Store. This game is only accessible via browser from the official website.

xxx sex emulator

What are the alternatives to Sex Emulator?

If the erotic experience offered by Sex Emulator doesn't tempt you, or you'd like to discover the best sex games, there are alternatives to consider. There are three main options to consider: SimSex Family, Family Sex Simulator and 3D Family Fuck. These are also sex simulators, with just one special feature: you can fuck anyone without taboo.

Whether the object of your fantasy is your mother-in-law, a cousin or another woman in your family, you can make your deepest desires come true. You can play these sex simulators for free, over a period that can vary depending on the game. To enjoy the full experience and discover all the possibilities each sex simulator has to offer, you'll need to create an account and then pay a subscription.

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Conclusion and review of Sex Emulator

In conclusion, Sex Emulator is an excellent sex simulator in English, which will absolutely appeal to a large majority of players in search of domination over their sexual partner. Even men who are shy in their daily lives and have never had the opportunity to experience sexual domination over a woman will be fulfilled by this sex simulator. That's because you can create the ideal sex doll to satisfy your desires, considering both her physical characteristics and her skills.

Thanks to the exceptionally realistic 3D graphics and qualitative soundtrack, you'll be transposed to another universe when you play Sex Emulator. The game contains an array of actions and settings that will help you realize your wildest fantasies. You can discover it for free on the game's website, with no registration required.

To access the most important features, however, you'll need to create an account and pay a subscription fee. But this is very little compared with the pleasure you'll get from playing with your sex doll. This sex simulator is accessible directly from a web browser and requires no download. So you can enjoy your moments of pleasure discreetly and at any time.